Leni P

Hello, my name is Leni and I'm excited to help you unleash your BEST self!

In 2007, I was diagnosed with cancer and now, with all that I have learned, it's time to share and pay it forward!

As your partner in Wellness, I usher you to a state of Balance and Optimal wellness using nontoxic holistic strategies, lifestyle modifications and ancient practices. Through my coaching program, you will learn to hone and incorporate principles of Detoxification and Rejuvenation through proper Breathing, Hydration, Nutrition, Sleep, Supplementation, Lifestyle, Mindset and so on.

Monthly coaching programs include Bioresonant Detoxification - targeting and killing pathogens and toxins in the body using a Rife machine. Precise Bioresonant Frequencies can be applied during a live session or remotely using your DNA (fingernails.)

As a Cancer Coach and Survivor, my passion to assist others in overcoming their health challenges and reaching their highest wellness potential in body, mind and spirit allows me to fulfill my mission and purpose in life.

I truly enjoy working with people who are ready to make a change. Are you ready for a Transformation?

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