Tatiana K

We all have a natural propensity to be well, to feel well, and to live a healthy life. Yet the disconnect between what we should be doing for our health and the current reality of what we are doing for our health can take its toll over time. Trying to adapt ourselves to a healthy habits program from one day to the next in an effort to ‘do something’ is an action plan based on a weak foundation. Extensive studies on human behavior have shown that self-discipline alone is a poor indicator of success. The good news is that we can use this information to our advantage!

Over ten years of experience in schools, universities, community centers, associations, executive retreats, clinics, hospitals, and more than 80 corporations internationally has taught me just one thing: that the only healthy habits program that works is the one that works for the individual and on several levels. Supporting wellness in the corporate environment is a combination of my skills and interests in positive psychology, special events management, teaching and speaking, and healthy communities. A healthy body and mind is the most worthwhile investment for ourselves, our families, for where we work, and the environment in which we live.

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