Holistic Health Coach for College Students

As The College Health Coach, I provide an individualized and holistic approach to living healthfully in college. Since no two college experiences are the same, coaching is specialized to meet the individual needs of each students. Whether it is struggling with the freshman fifteen, facing the challenges of test anxiety, or identifying the signs of an unhealthy relationship, I support students in their journey to make positive, personal change. Let’s face it, between the pizza, beer, parties, papers, and all-nighters in college, we all need a coach from time to time!

Example Areas of Coaching:

• Battling the Freshman Fifteen

• Navigating the College Cafeteria

• Exercise Balance

• Academic & Social Life Balance

• How to Advocate for Yourself

• Being Successful with ADD/ADHD/LD in College

• Healthy Relationships/Toxic Relationships

• Communicating Differences with Roommate(s)

• Addressing Mental Health Needs in College

• How to Party Smarter

• Homesickness

• Study Skills

• Sleep Hygiene

• Making Friendships

• College Prep for High School Seniors

• Accountability for Goals

Weight loss
Meal planning
Health coaching
Nutrition coaching
Nutrition - kids
Menu planning
Mindful eating
Life coaching
Life coaching - kids
Personal development
Personal image
Relationship coaching
Fitness coaching
Workout routines
Spiritual coaching
Career coaching
Women coaching
Transformational coaching
Sports nutrition
Health conditions
Food allergies/intolerances
Healthier habits
Weight management
Personal Bio: My passion for health and wellness stems from wanting to feel as healthy & happy as possible in my body. When I left for college and proactively chose to live on-campus in a “Wellness Living & Learning Community” I thought I was guaranteeing myself a healthy college experience. My best intentions however could not save me from the overwhelming stressors of college life. Between the three times a day all-you-can-eat college cafeteria, a relationship break-up, recovering from mono and an eating disorder, and struggling with dyslexia, it was just too much with too little support. Despite my obstacles, I managed to complete my freshman year, transfer schools, and graduate college on time with honors. Nevertheless, it did not need to be that hard. I thought I was prepared for the challenges I would face in college; however, the reality was I needed more resources and accountability. Looking back, if I could wave a magic wand, I would have created a college health coach just for me. While I cannot go back, I can move forward and offer my health and wellness personal knowledge and professional training through an integrative and holistic model of coaching as The College Health Coach.
Certifications/Degrees: The Coaches Training Institute Candidate (CTI), Certified Master Nutrition Therapist (MNT), Certified Holistic Healthcare Practitioner (HHP), Holistic Nutrition Educator, Professional Massage Therapy Practitioner, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate, Elementary Education Colorado Teaching Licensure, BA in Political Science
Years of experience: 4-8