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Personal Bio: Hi there and welcome. My name is Emily and I'm the founder and CEO of Purpose Ventures. I understand your journey and I am here to help you. I have a deep passion for individual development that ripples outward beyond the individual. To this end, I am a transformational life and leadership coach for leaders who are out to make a massive positive impact. Prior to becoming a Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner through the ICF-accredited Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching, I held leadership and business strategy positions within corporations, non-profits, and startups for 13 years. Passionate about providing pathways for people to create a positive impact, I'm the cofounder of a tech startup called HeroX - a social network for innovation that hosts innovation challenges for Fortune 500 companies, large foundations, and NASA. In each of these opportunities, I have been driven to understand who we are as a human race and what it takes to create the best versions of ourselves. To that end, I created Purpose Ventures to focus on impactful leaders who are on the journey of building world-changing companies. I have had the privilege to work with successful entrepreneurs, influencers, corporate executives, notable nonprofit directors, senior officials of federal governments, and the United Nations. ​ Aside from my work, I love to sing, to photograph beauty, to walk in nature, and to spend time with my family.
Client testimonial: "Emily 100% made the difference for me at a critical point in my career (and life). Her calm, collected, intuitive and straightforward nature makes her an excellent partner. She is thoughtful in her approach, and steadfast in her support. She has a powerful presence that she lends to her clients through her work until they can find (or rediscover) their own. The journey and the investment was absolutely worth it.”
Certifications/Degrees: Certified Professional Coach, PCC, ELI-MP
Years of experience: 4-8