Your life coach for weight loss and resilience transformation

Look Good, Feel Great, Live Your Best. That’s what we all want. Yet stress and unwanted eating habits can take you out of the game—tiring you out and zapping your joy. You deserve to feel Free again. As someone who used to be 70 lbs overweight and desperately unhappy I implore you to stop the madness!

Based on over 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, ten years life and health coaching, and nine years personally living my own transformation, I coach toward a 180 degree turn on your current way of thinking, relating, and acting. Together, this leads to incredible results. Visit for what else makes my brand of coaching revolutionary.

I specialize in sustainable weight loss and wellness transformations, particularly from a spiritual foundation aligned with your deepest-held values and beliefs. Just as the name Truce suggests, it’s time to stop fighting yourself, shift the game to be one you want to play, and start blazing your unique path in this world.

The results? You living a life of radiant wellness: Effortless weight loss without the depriving diet, optimal energy because you manage stress with ease, connected relationships and work/ life balance. Yes, it really is that life-changing. Welcome to your new life.

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Personal Bio: Professional Experience Former weight loss and fitness editor with Prevention magazine Authored more than 250 health related articles Former fitness trainer and public relations manager at Green Mountain at Fox Run, a residential non-diet healthy lifestyle center and weight loss spa that champions the Health at Every Size movement Former founder and lead personal trainer of Outside In Fitness, an outdoor fitness training and wellness coaching company (Northern Virginia)
Client testimonial: Ellen, age 38, mechanical engineer and mother of 2 (Herndon, VA): “After just two coaching sessions, I am already starting to feel in control! There’s much more to go and I know I’ll have challenges, but transformation is occurring and I’m feeling great about that. I have a real sense of freedom with how I think about food, and some simple changes have calmed my food cravings and added satisfaction to my eating experience. Thank you, Sarah, I look forward to what else will open up for me and my life… Update: After completing my coaching with you I’m happy to report that food cravings are nearly non-existent. I’m snacking less, and honoring my body’s needs more. And my shifts around exercise, stress management, work-life balance, and focus at work have been pivotal. I’m truly living my vision of better balance and peace. I’ve gotta say: I never expected these kinds of life-changing (life-rotating really comes to mind) results when I embarked down this path! I really appreciate all your help with peeling back these intertwined layers.”
Certifications/Degrees: National board-certified health and wellness coach – National Board of Medical Examiners Certified health and wellness coach – Wellcoaches Certified faith-based transformation coach – Advancing Ministries Certified personal trainer; certified weight management specialist – American Council on Exercise Master’s degree in exercise science – The George Washington University (Washington, DC) Recognized as a CDC Diabetes Prevention Program lifestyle coach
Years of experience: 9+