Positive Mindset Life Coaching

One-hour sessions available by phone, Skype, or Zoom. Risk-free 30-minute introductory session available.

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Personal Bio: Sarah Henry is a Certified Positive Mindset Coach who helps women to overcome issues with mood, depression/anxiety, and the negative cycle of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors we all find ourselves trapped in from time to time. She teaches her clients the power of self-compassion and mindfulness. Sarah is available locally within the Denver-Metro (Colorado) area, as well as telephonically (phone, Skype/Zoom). To learn more, please visit www.sarahhenrycoaching.com.
Client testimonial: "I knew what to do. I'd read all the self-help books. I didn't know it was my thought patterns that were keeping me from 'getting it' so I could apply it. Sarah taught me how to be mindful of my thoughts through simple exercises. She guided me through little shifts in my perspective that opened my mind in a whole new way. Sarah's insight, compassion and patience have given me a fresh start and a solid foundation to build on. I can do this!" -Jeannie O.
Certifications/Degrees: Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Master of Arts (Psychology), Master of Public Health
Years of experience: 1-3