Midlife Wife Life Coaching

What were you like as a child? What activities did you enjoy? What made you happy? What was fun to you? Is any of that in your life now? When you’re honest with yourself, do you miss that person, perhaps even mourn that version of you?

The masks of adult life - wife, mother, employee, volunteer, friend, daughter of aging parents, etc. - all pull us away from that person. We blame others, but we let it happen. We let these roles pull us further and further from our true selves, and we end up tired, resentful, overscheduled, and stressed. We gain weight, get sick, and develop digestive issues.

THESE ARE NOT THE NATURAL RESULTS OF AGING, they are the effects of leaving ourselves behind. The bus has pulled away from the station, full of all our adult selves, and our true self was left behind. I can help you find that true self. Other areas of your life WILL IMPROVE when you find her and give her a seat at the head of the table.

Return to yourself. You will become more emotionally, physically and spiritually alive, and everyone deserves to have that woman in their life.






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Personal Bio: I know that life can be an unpredictable journey. I’ve lived it. But luckily I’ve been able to accept that I needed this journey to get where I am now, which is exactly where I am meant to be. As a life and health coach, I help people see that they are exactly where their life has led them, but by challenging their beliefs and changing their patterns, they can get anywhere they want to go. In college I studied Biological Basis of Behavior, then went on to earn two graduate degrees in psychology. I worked as a School Psychologist until my family moved across the country for my husband’s job. With two young children, it seemed a good time to stay home for a while and get settled. Fast forward several years later, and every fall when my children returned to school I’d decide it was time to get back into the workforce, then get mired in volunteer roles, and convince myself I was happy using my skills in service to good causes. If I had a life coach then, she would have helped me see that this was a story I was telling myself because I was worried I’d become irrelevant. I had an Ivy League undergrad degree and two graduate degrees, was always thought of highly by professors and supervisors, and was scared to death I wouldn’t be able to express my value anymore and find a job. After going through a very difficult personal period, I decided I could no longer deny my own desires and give everything I had to everyone else in my life. Life Coaching had caught my eye as a field that combined all my lifelong passions and areas of expertise - psychology, behavior, habits, health, wellness, nutrition, and fitness - so I made space in my life for ME and created a plan to begin a training program and start my own business. I am certified in both health and life coaching, and I coach individuals and groups through my signature 90-day coaching programs. I also conduct workshops for local groups and businesses.
Client testimonial: Working with Linda helped me to acknowledge my true priorities and let go of things that don’t serve me. Through exercises and expert coaching, we were able to delve deeply into issues and get to the heart of things — allowing us to craft concrete plans that empowered me to take specific action in furtherance of my goals. If I developed one superpower as a result of these sessions, it was setting boundaries. I am so great at this now! I’m like Wonder Woman with the boundary setting. (Kapow!) I take tremendous satisfaction from knowing exactly how and when to set boundaries that help me prioritize my own work and goals. Overall, one of the most profound insights for me was acknowledging that it’s okay to make myself a priority despite all the other things — personal and professional — that compete for my time. Learning how to set boundaries effectively was just one of the many tools that Linda helped me develop along the way. CB, Thousand Oaks
Certifications/Degrees: Certifications in both Life and Health Coaching, MS in Experimental Psychology, MEd in School Psychology
Years of experience: 1-3