Love yourself, share your story.

When the story you’re telling yourself is that you are wrong or that you are not good enough, you tend to look at the world and those in it with a desire for validation. However, none of the answers we are looking for are outside of ourselves. We are the authors of our story. Not realizing that can cause the world to feel a bit like game-play – how do I survive? Where do I fit in? What moves will advance me? And often we choose the wrong thing. We are not naturally inclined towards happiness because it’s hardly been part of our story so far. The fact of the matter is that we tend to crave sadness because it’s all we’ve known. Once you begin to love yourself, your cravings and the way you view the world changes.

My clients gain the ability to cope better and to choose contentment in place of suffering. Suffering turns out to be optional once we’re on what I like to call “the other side.” When we’re living in the shade of our negative story it can be hard to see the sunlight but that doesn’t mean that the sunlight isn’t there. What if we could feel and experience the shade but step into the sunlight anyway?

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Client testimonial: “One of the best decisions of my life has been to start coaching with Brian. He made me realize how important loving myself is. I became more comfortable being myself, increased my confidence & self-awareness. I would highly recommend coaching with Brian. Loving yourself is the best gift you can give yourself.”
Certifications/Degrees: I.C.F. Certified Professional Life Coach
Years of experience: 1-3