Specialty: IBS-C/D, Celiac Disease, Weight Loss, Mental Health.

I'm a Certified Nutritionist, Health Coach, and Columbia University graduate student in Nutrition and Education.

My specialty is in IBS-C/D, Celiac Disease, Autoimmune Diseases, Weight Loss, and Mental Health.

My method includes nutritional science, behavioral psychology, and authentic alignment. In order to generate long term, mass change to the physical body, we work together on two elements simultaneously during our phone sessions.

First, we fortify your inner foundation by aligning to true self, which boosts courage to take on new challenges and generates self awareness. Second, we instill nutritious meals, lab test for gut, blood, immune imbalances, fortify sleep, and improve movement practices.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out over instagram or my website.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/dirtyhabitny

Website: www.dirtyhabitny.com

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Personal Bio: I'm a Certified Nutritionist, Health Coach, and Columbia University graduate student in Nutrition and Education. My own personal journey started in 2005 when I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Over the next 13 years, I went through 9 treatments for SIBO and candida, hospitalized for severe IBS-D, spent 6 weeks at the Mayo Clinic for pelvic floor dysfunction, diagnosed with anxiety, panic disorder, depression, ADHD, and amenhorrea. I saw over 35 practitioners within this timeframe and through hundreds of tweaks and steps, I was able to not only fully recover, but live the most energized and vibrant life beyond my wildest dreams. I wish the same for every single person in this lifetime.
Client testimonial: "I feel like a million dollars. Just wanted to let you know. I had the best workout and I just rambled on to my mom for like 30 minutes about how much working with you and making all these changes has been like a domino effect and it's forcing me to become a better, more efficient person inside. And face some stuff I haven't been facing."
Certifications/Degrees: Columbia University, MS RD in Nutrition & Education - 2021. Institute for Integrative Nutrition - 2017. RYT 200 Hour - 2016.
Years of experience: 1-3