Dave Okupniak MS CNS

BIOGRAPHY - DAVE OKUPNIAK MS, CNS, Board Certified Nutritionist

Masters of Science degree in human nutrition from the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut, one of the leading schools for this type of study. Board Certified Nutritionist. Also has training in First Line Therapy, and:

Weight Loss
Cholesterol Reduction
Blood Pressure Reduction
Diabetes Diets and Protocols
Allergies/hypoallergenic diets
Yeast Infections/anti yeast Protocols
Detox programs
Irritable Bowel Diets
Crohn's Diets

• Individualized hypoallergenic diets • Anti-yeast protocols
• Elimination diets • Low carbohydrate diets- such as paleolithic nutrition,
• Gluten and casein-free diets
• Detox programs • GI-diets such as the Gut and Physiology Syndrome and Specific Carbohydrate Diets
• Insulin resistance (including Metagenics™ First Line Therapy) • Weight reduction programs (as needed for weight resistant individuals)
Nutrition professional for more than 25 years -- working, studying, and attending seminars.

Understands that one-sized diets do not fit all. Excited to assist individuals on specialized, restricted diets for complex conditions and believes those diets can be satisfying, healthy, and enjoyable while at the same time addressing medical concerns.

Owner and operator of Nutley Nutrition Center in Nutley, New Jersey for the past 14 years.

Gender: Male

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